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South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

The Westborough School






Welcome to Class 3FJ  

Your class teachers are Mrs Fox and Mrs Jenkinson


PE Days are Wednesdays and Thursdays


 Please be in school promptly everyday, keen and ready to start work.



Welcome back, we have a very busy 5 weeks ahead of us. 

Firstly, please keep up with reading with your child at home. We really need to keep their 'pace' going.
This helps the children in many ways including their ability to find the answers in comprehension and pace helps them to understand what they are reading.


Our class books this half term, and focus for our writing work, are...

 I'll take you to Mrs Cole!











  and Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish.


This term we will be learning about....

In English we will be writing diaries and learning about and writing. Animal Poems.
In mathematics we will continue to learn about measurements and Start to look at Fractions.
In Science we will be dissecting flowers to see how they reproduce and how plants grow.
In Geography we will developing awareness of the impact that humans have on the planet.
In Religious Education we will be looking at places of worship and learn about the Easter Story.
In Art we will be learning about printing techniques
and in Design technology the children will be learning to carry out some hand stitching.



We use Tapestry in year 3.  Click on the button to find out more.


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