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South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

The Westborough School

Our Staff

Westborough is lucky to have a very loyal staff that moves with the times, embraces the changes that education demands and is totally committed to the School's Vision.Vision & Values (Essential Information - Essential Information Links menu tab)

Our Senior Management Team 

Our Headteacher is

Tonya Brook

 Her  Deputy is
Katy Doucy

Our Assistant Headteachers are 

Rohana Forbes 
Kate Snarey


 Our Class Teachers are..

Liam Chesher

Jo Davies

Nicola Fox

Nerissa Govender  

Jo Goode

Ann Hall

Kay Hammond

Rebecca Holborn

Clare Jenkinson

Kamran Khan

Michelle Lane

Roisin Powell

Tim Severwright

Claire Silcock

Tara Smith

Anna Stoneman

Jesse Stumpe

 Charlie Twydell 


Our Early Years Lead Teacher is Tara Smith.


Our Nursery Teacher is

Jodie Brett

Our Nursery Lead Practitioners is

Jeanette Grimes 

Our Nursery Assistants are

Laura Stone

Rabia Khatun

Sammie Hart


Other Teachers are..

Eric Funa - P.E. Co-ordinator 

Our Graduates working as Instructors are.. 

 Outdoor classroom
Kes Harker

EAL, Speech and Language
Sandra Miles








Our Learning Support Assistants and Teaching Assistants are core members of the teaching team.  

Learning Support Assistant

John Moore


Teaching Assistants 

Lucy Atabey

Caroline Berry

Johann Butler

Jo Canty

Nicola Cramer

Kayleigh Craven

Anna Finn

Rebecca Goodheart

Louise Grenham

Sarah Hadgraft

Amy Hebden

Hannah Hil

Shannon Humphreys

Deanne Jones

Megan Lynch

Vicki Maitland

Qamile Rashica

Frances Roffe

Hannah Scudder

Sandra Simon

Alana Spurgeon

Danielle Thomas

Keeley Thomas

Ruth Taylor

Ayesha Zaher

Maleka Zennat



Our very experienced school Administration Team is

Kelly McDougall

Gabrielle Offord

Sharon Pankhurst

Sally Scott

Our Kitchen Staff are

Julie Copeland-Light

Lee Goddard

Natasha White

Go to the Virtual Office and check out School Dinners.  You will see from the menus what skilled and hard working kitchen staff we have.

Our Midday Assistants are

Shannon Humphreys

Keeley Thomas

Frances Roffe

 Sue Rowley

Rabia Khatun

April Franklin

Karen Farr

Jean Knight

Ilona Pirie

Geraldine Nimmo

Our Site Manager  

Sheldon Grubb

The site staff work extremely hard. Health and Safety is uppermost and site security and maintenance are important parts of the work too.

Our Cleaners are

Julie Copeland- Light

Sharon Pankhurst 

Sue Rowley

Natasha White 

Phyllis McCready 

Geraldine Nimmo

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