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South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

The Westborough School



Welcome to Class 1TS

Your class teachers are Miss Twydale and Mrs Stumpe.

We have PE on a Monday and Thursday; please ensure children wear their PE kits to school on PE days.


BACK TO SCHOOL - for the second half of the spring term.


In English

We will be reading Katie in London and Stanley's Stick.  We will be developing our understanding of adjectives and nouns when writing descriptive sentences as well a creating our very own leaflets. 




In Maths

We will be learning to count to 50 and how we can use and estimate along a number within this value.  We will be exploring measure, mass and volume, learning how to measure objects and whether objects are heavier or lighter.


In Science

We will be continuing our learning of meaterials and conducting practical experiments on the properties of objects.


In History

We will be learning the significance of Kings and Queens, looking closely at our most recent monarchy.



We will be learning about Judaism and what it means to belong to a Jewish community.



We will be learning about how to keep our bodies helathy and what happens when we grow older.


In Design and Technologuy

We wil be learning about mechanisms and how we can construct our very own moving vehicle.


In Art

We will be learning how to develo our digital media skills and creating our own masterpieces based on the artwork of Banksy.


In Music

We will be learning about puilse and rhythm in our unit 'Round and Round'.  We are also going to play instruments to accompany the song.



Thank you for supporting your child with their reading at home by hearing them read and sharing stories with them.  

Please make sure your child brings their books to school everyday so we can hear them read and change their books.


Reminder:  we start our day at 8:20 with fun early morning activities to settle into the school day. We would love to see as many of you here as possible at this time to have a great start to the school day.


Miss Twydale and Mrs Stumpe



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