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South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

The Westborough School

Vision & Values

Believe, Achieve, Together we succeed.

Our Values are:

  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Determination
  • Being Creative
  • Inspiration

Our vision is:

  • A school where children feel safe, secure and happy; where they have opportunities to become mentally strong and physically fit, with the resilience and skills to embrace life with the confidence to dream dreams and with the competence to realise them.
  • The provision of quality of teaching and learning whereby the school reaches the academic targets set and exceeds expectations, through a team of inspiring and aspirational adults committed to raising standards in a complex and diverse learning context.
  • A community that nurtures, protects and develops the unique ethos of our school, where teaching and learning is a celebration of childhood, experienced in a global context.
  • Being the best school we can be.

At Westborough.......

To achieve our vision our aims are:

  • To make children feel valued, by giving them responsibilities, appreciating their achievements and acknowledging their talents.
  • To recognise that each day of a child’s life is important.
  • To ensure that age, social class, gender, race, religion, sexuality, academic or physical abilities do not affect the opportunities given to children.
  • To provide a stimulating, challenging and relevant curriculum so that children can learn well and to help them to develop the capacity to reflect on the meaning of life.
  • To take maximum advantage of opportunities outside the classroom to widen the children's range of learning experiences.
  • To ensure that all adults present good role models for children to follow.
  • To build a good community spirit based on respect and trust.
  • To embrace the notion that learning is a life long process.
  • To celebrate diversity in a way that enriches the learning experiences offered to children.
  • To ensure that sustainability in every context is at the core of our work.
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