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Kenyan Orphan Fund and Uganda Project

Kofup is over 20 years old now. From the start Westborough has been the most generous of supporters especially in the early days when people felt abandoned and forgotten by the world. Knowing that there were people who cared  added the gift of hope to their courage and resilience in direst of  circumstances. 

Children in Kenya 

Despite the challenges people have hope, thanks to small donations from children combined with very generous donations from individuals and from school based fund raising. You will never really know what you have done. The children on the receiving end of your kindness do because they are alive to tell their stories. They are always amazed that you care about them without knowing them. So are we! 

Thank you. 

Brendan Bennett (retired Westborough teacher) and the Trustees of Kofup



KOFUP is still doing it's work in Kenya and Uganda.

With the help of your donations, people, whose lives have been put in danger by drought, can celebrate the sight,touch,feel and taste of fresh water. Every aspect of their lives has been transformed.

The bore hole had to go down over 60 metres to get fresh water otherwise the water is too salty to drink and damages any food that manages to grow.
Mr Bennett and, most of all, the children say a BIG,'Thank You' to the children of Westborough. 
It was great to visit them in November 2023.










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