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At Westborough we believe that the best way to ensure that pupils do well in English is to ensure that they become life-long engaged readers! Children and staff at Westborough are enthusiastic readers and we endeavour to foster a love and passion for reading in our children from the beginning of their journey with us and hope this love stays with them well beyond their time with us.

We want to encourage and develop a passion for reading always seeking to find the right book for the right child to open a world they can escape to and enjoy. Teachers make regular recommendations to pupils to encourage reading for pleasure. Pupils also have a chance to talk to their teachers regularly about their reading habits, as part of our new termly Reading Surveys.


We were really excited to have the wonderful author, Chrissie Sains, visiting our school to meet children in years 2, 3 and 4. Chrissie shared her journey to becoming a writer and talking about her childhood adventures.  The children took part in some fun games, as well as hearing a teaser from Chrissie's book, An Alien in the Jam Factory.  Chrissie also answered questions from the children about her book and signed copies after the assembly.

















World Book Day Badge : Kool Badges

World Book Day 2023 announcements - World Book Day 

Every class chose their favourite book to enjoy for World Book Day 2023.







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