The Westborough School

Medium Term Planning - Autumn Term 2 - Yrs 1-6

Our Curriculum Intent

As a school we base our learning on a broad and balanced curriculum and strive to deliver a wide and varied learning experience. We are fully committed to developing each child’s unique potential within a secure and caring environment.

We use a range of sources to meet the needs of the curriculum and provide an exciting and enlightening learning experience for our children, maximising the opportunities of our school building and wonderful grounds.  We believe that our children should not only reach their best academically, but also develop a thirst for knowledge, foster a love of learning and leave our school with exceptional independent learning skills and experiences which set them up for the next stages in their learning. The children of The Westborough School are happy learners who work hard to reach the challenges set by their teachers.  Teaching and learning gives our children opportunities to be successful in a creative, safe, calm environment where classrooms and other learning spaces promote creativity and aspiration. Our values of teamwork, respect, kindness, determination, creativity and inspiration help children and staff articulate how we want our place of learning to be and emphasise our motto-

Believe-Achieve-Together we succeed.

Our Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum consists of many planned experiences in school and out: engaging lessons, topic days, smart school council and house leaders, music assemblies, mindfulness and yoga classes, outdoor learning opportunities, art and design clubs, numerous sports, trips and visits, workshops, residential camps, fund raising, and community work.

Outcomes are designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum but also to develop the skills needed for learning and for life. Our vibrant and rich curriculum is designed, sequenced and allows the children to progress. In order to ensure that progression and balance is maintained, the programmes of study have been carefully mapped out by our teachers.

Teachers assess constantly to ensure children progress to be the best version of themselves and through tailored learning we meet the needs of all our pupils. School leaders and Governors regularly check that the curriculum is relevant and suitable for the children in our school and subject coordinators have the opportunities through CPD to develop their understanding and expertise in their curriculum area.

Our Curriculum Impact

At Westborough we pride ourselves on educating the whole child. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum and give our children a wide range of opportunities to find something they are really good at and enjoy.

We strive to succeed in meeting and exceeding national expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths but we also acknowledge that our curriculum helps teachers and children discover who the artist, the musician, the sports leader, the historian, the cook, the writer, the problem solver, the eco warrior are. We obviously measure impact on data and results but also on the enjoyment of children during their time at our school, on their willingness to take risks and to try new things.

We endeavour to ensure that children are ready for the next stages in learning and are supported to become the best they can be.