The Westborough School

Welcome to Class 2DF

Your class teachers are

Mrs Davies and

Miss Forbes


TA's Amy and Lucy, and

LSA Jo G. 

will also be working with
Class 2DF.

We have PE on

Mondays and Tuesdays.

Welcome to a new academic year!  We are looking forward to teaching you in Year 2 and getting to know all of you.

Over the next two weeks, we will be reading 'The day the crayon's quit' and basing our literacy work around this text. We will write diary entries based upon the crayons and the main character's views.        
In order to support your child further with their reading, please read each night at home with your child. Please write the title of the book in their reading record, with a short comment if you wish. 
Year 2's homework consists of reading each night, Spelling Shed (x10 minutes a day) and Numbots (x10 minutes a day.)  Login codes are in the front of the reading records.
Thank you for your continued support.

This half term we are going to be learning many new things! Our topic is called 'Worth repeating'  and it is an Art based topic, which we think you will enjoy very much!

Here are some of the areas of learning that we will be covering:
Literacy: Diary entries
                   Persuasive writing
Class Books: The Day the Crayon's Quit
                     The Dragon Machine
Mathematics: Using numbers up to 100
                      Addition and subtraction using 2 digit numbers
                      Addition and subtraction using word problems
Science: Living things and their habitats
              To explore and compare living things
              To identify that most living things live in habitats
              To name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including microhabitats
              To describe how animals obtain their food. (Using Simple food chains.)
RE:  How and Why do we celebrate special and sacred times?
       To sk questions and suggest answers as to why do Jewish people celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
       Why are festivals important?
       To explore why and how Harvest is celebrated by Christian people.
       To listen to a religious story from the Christian faith 
       (Jesus feeds 5,000) To discuss why stories are important to believers.
Music: Copy and create simple rhythmic patterns using clapping or percussion instruments
           To peform rhythmic patterns to peers
           To understand the difference between rhythm and pulse.
           To create and begin to represent sounds with simple drawings and symbols
French: To learn French numbers, colours, days of the week and greetings.
PHSE: Making friends, feeling lonely and getting help.
           Managing secrets, resisting pressure and getting help.
           Playing and working collaboratively and sharing opinions.
           To understand how being outside can make you feel better. (Positive mental health)
Art:   Experiment with a range of artist techniques 
         Record simple ideas in a sketch book
         Identify and mix primary shades and tones
         Use different brushes to create a layering effect
         To experiment with different artistic techniques (paper cutting)
         To use modelling materials to create patterned tiles
Geography/History: Use observational skills in the local environment. (To identify natural and man-made features.)
                                 To explain how artists of the past have influenced our art of the present.
Oracy: To discuss and debate different ideas such as: What would happen if the world was a cube?
           What would life be like as a penguin? 
           Are humans the most important beings on the planet?