The Westborough School

Welcome to Class 1D

Your class teacher is

Miss Downes


Shelley Trimmer, Miss Berry,

Jill Matthews and Katie

will also be working with
Year 1.

We have PE on

Mondays and Fridays.

Welcome to year one. We are really excited to see the familiar faces we met in the last few weeks of your child’s reception year and to meet the new children to the school. On the first few days back to school, we will be getting to know the children and setting down our class expectations involving care of equipment and each other.

We will be working with the children helping them recognise their own and other children’s feelings and behaviours and continue working on this throughout the year.  (PSHCE) The children have been ‘mixed around’ from their classes in reception and will be learning to work in new groups. They will all be familiar with each other and still meet up with previous class mates in the outdoor areas.

In Literacy this half term we will be continuing with the ‘Read, Write, Ink’ program of work which the children will be familiar with from the early years.  A lot of the children’s writing will stem from this. There will be other opportunities to write through the other areas of the curriculum.   

We do ask that you read with your child, to practise the words and sentences that we teach them in school. We will send a new Read, Write, Inc. book home with them each week on a Monday, this will be collected on a Thursday.  Please ensure your child has their reading books and reading and phonics log everyday, (especially Monday and Thursday).  The children will also choose an interest book from our class library to ensure that you have a book to share over the weekend with your child.  It is more likely that your child will learn quicker with this input from you.  

In Mathematics we will be learning to order and recognise numbers to ten. We will add and subtract with these numbers and learn about shapes and patterns. We will also be practising to count to 100 in tens as well as counting backwards and forwards from any given number. Should you want to help your child with these, it’s always good to ask them how they have been taught to do it at school in order to prevent confusion.

We will be adding more information about the other areas of the curriculum over the next few weeks.

We always encourage parents to make learning fun. If your child is tired and homework is regimented, your child might not feel happy to do it. Hiding numbers and words around the house can be turned into a game. Asking your child to read with you whilst you prepare dinner can be just as good as sitting down formally. We don’t want you to stop sharing other books with your children. Reading to your child introduces new words and information which is fantastic.

In the centre of your child’s reading record and phonics log you will find a page with all the common exception words that they will be learning to read and spell. Please try to encourage your child to use their sound knowledge to read these words. Once your child can read the sight words, please tick them off and we will check and update our record in school. This will not be every day.