The Westborough School


Westborough staff are really looking forward to meeting you and your child before they start in September.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID regulation we can’t do our normal ‘taster’ sessions at school. Therefore, we would like to do a doorstep visit to your home. We will ring you to ask if you would like us to visit you at home, this will be a chance for you to ask any questions you may have and talk about how your child will settle in September.

When we visit you will receive an information and welcome pack with all the important documents and paperwork that explain how things work at Westborough.

Also an 'All about me sheet.’ This is a way for us to get to know your child from their point of view. It is something for you to do together at home and something really nice for your child and their new teacher to share when they start school in September.

If it is not possible to arrange a home doorstep visit we will post out to you all the documents mentioned above.

The teachers will be visiting the children in their Pre-school and Nursery settings where allowed in line with COVID Risk Assessments. If this is not possible, we will be phoning the Pre-schools and Nursery settings to have a chat with their current key workers.

On this page you will find information, photos and videos that provide an overview of our Early Years and how we work at Westborough.


Please get in touch if you need to know anything or ask any questions

You can email me at or use the 'Contact Us' link above and your query will be forwarded to me - but first, look at all the information we're providing here.  You may find the answers to your questions. 


Miss Smith, Early Years Lead


Introducing our Early Years Staff 



Take a look around the school. 


A virtual tour for reception children   

A day in Reception at Westborough 


Download a copy of "A day in Reception at Westborough" HERE.

     A virtual tour for nursery children 


A day in Nursery at Westborough 

Download a copy of "A day in Nursery at Westborough" HERE.


 All the children will have an "All about me"  sheet like this. 

 There are lots of things to do at Westborough.