Welcome to Sunflower class

Your class teacher is

Miss Smith

Your Teaching Assistant is

Katie Rowland

and Elsa Cowell, your Learning Support Assistant works with Sunflower
and Daisy Class.

We have P.E. on


Your child’s PE kit stays at school for the whole of each half term and then we send them home for a wash during the holidays.


Welcome back to the 2nd half of the spring term.

This half terms topic is ‘Let me tell you a story’.                                                                                

We will be focusing and getting to know one story in particular….Jack and the Beanstalk. The children will be taking part in lots of different activities around this story to develop their skills in reading, writing, creative work, growing vegetables from seeds and a whole lot of maths skills – counting, measuring and ordering using seeds and plants.

This half term we will also be visiting the Westcliff Library, celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as favourite characters, taking part in more outdoor trips to the woods and welcoming female relatives to spend the morning in the Early Years with their children taking part in lots of different activities.


This term the children are continuing with their Read, Write Inc and Maths Mastery lessons.  Please help us by continuing to complete their homework sheets in their folders; it really helps the children progress faster in their learning. It also reinforces to the children we are working together.


We have begun a new system of sending home books for the parents to share, read and practice with their child. Their main reading book will now be matched to the Read Write Inc phonics scheme that we teach in school.

Each child will bring home a book that is uniquely matched to the sounds that they are currently learning in their Read Write Inc group. We will also send home another book to read that is from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme that we have been previously using. A third book will also come home which is a book from our library. It may be a non fiction book, a rhyming story or a story book.  

These books are kept for one week and then changed the following week. This will then mean the children will become confident to read them independently while using their skills of reading the sounds, words and sentences. Also this will improve their understanding and comprehension of each story and will become confident to talk about what happens in the story, the feelings of the characters or what they enjoyed about the story.

Parents are asked to write in their child's reading record book at the end of the week to tell staff how they have got on.

We will still be awarding badges to the children who have been reading at home. If you have written a comment for each of the three books they will win their reading badge.


You can find out what your child has been up to at school by logging onto their Learning journey at Tapestry. Lots of you do this already and I am very pleased when I see your comments about our observations of your child’s learning. Please feel free to upload your own observations and photos or videos to their journal so I can see what they get up to when they are not in school!


As the weather is now cold, please remember to send your child to school with their coat.......named on the label inside please!  If they bring in hats, scarves and gloves please try to put their names on them somewhere too. Thank you. The children do like to choose activities inside and outside the classroom and I would like them all to be able to go outside if they want to, even if it is chilly.


Sunflower class working and welcoming guests to the school as part of our topic - "People who help us."

We learn through play in the Early Years and we do this by allowing the children to lead their own learning through activities in and out of the classroom. You will be able to see what your child gets up to through your child’s online journal on Tapestry. If you have not already done so please send in your details to us so we can set up your account. 

We will send home reading books and a reading record book in your child’s book bag. This is your chance to share books at home from our reading scheme and we would like you to carry on writing in the record book so we can see the progress they are making with you. We will write in these too.

We are teaching sounds to your children, and following a scheme called Read, Write Inc. Each day we introduce a new sound. To help reinforce and practice each sound we send home a sheet of paper with the same letter we have introduced for you to do at home with your child. It would be really great if you could complete these with your child. Click on the video link below for extra help with letters and sounds.


We also teach Maths using a scheme called Maths Mastery. Each week we teach a different topic of mathematics and we also will be sending home a sheet to match that topic for you to do at home with your child.

In the Early Years at Westborough our Nursery and Year 0/Reception classes work together.

Each child has their own class base and adults, where they will arrive and go home from and have class times such as Read, Write, Inc, Maths Mastery teaching, story time and sharing news times.

The rest of the day the children have access to all the learning areas that have been set up across all four class bases and all three gardens. This is known as ‘continuous provision’ which means the children can access the classrooms and gardens to lead their own learning. The teachers and teaching assistants observe and work alongside the children to enhance their learning, help develop their skills and encourage them to apply the skills we teach them into their play. We encourage all the children to access all the areas to give them confidence to develop to their full potential at school.


Please ensure your child has all their uniform, coats, P.E. kit and bags labelled clearly. Thank you


School lunch 

All children in Year 0 are entitled to a free school meal.

The menu is designed and cooked by our experienced catering staff from fresh every day. The menu runs on a 3 week timetable and can be found on the link above. Every child is entitled to lunch and it is a good social and learning experience for the children as well as saving you making a packed lunch every day!

The Early Years staff have lunch with the children to encourage tasting and eating a variety of foods and good table manners.


Please come and ask any member of the Early Years staff anything you are unsure of. Every morning there is a member of staff at the gate that you can speak to. If it is something more detailed you can make an appointment to see the teacher after school.