The Westborough School

Welcome to Sunflower class

Your class teacher is

Miss Smith

Your Teaching Assistant is

Katie Rowland

and Elsa Cowellyour Learning Support Assistant works with Sunflower
and Daisy Class.

We have P.E. on


Your child must wear their PE kit to school on this day, as they are unable to change in class or the changing rooms. 

They are able to wear joggers, leggings or tights under their shorts on PE days, just in case the weather is not good. If they wear their jumper as usual they will be warm enough. 

Hello everyone!

We had a great Spring Term and now here we are for the last part of the school year – the Summer Term!

Phew, we have a lot to do in these last weeks and of course we are looking forward to lots more time outside in our garden.


Here are the themes for our Summer Term in Sunflower Class


Healthy Lives   

What is being healthy?

How do we keep healthy?

Learning about washing, tooth brushing, eating healthy foods, keeping safe, how we can be happy.


Flowers, planting and growing seeds

Planting seeds, plants and flowers in our garden and vegetable

What does a seed need to grow?

Learning names of flowers and the parts of plants

Watching and looking after what we plant

Painting, colouring and drawing flowers.



Writing our own shows and performing them on the outside stage.

Dressing up and making costumes and props for our shows.

Being an audience member to watch the shows.

Dancing, singing and playing instruments.


‘Let’s get physical

Practising our skills of throwing, catching balls.

Practising our ‘have a go, keep trying, don’t give up!’ skills.

Build up our strength, balance and co-ordination.



Learning about the seasons.

What is Summer? How do we know it is Summer?

Making Summer pictures, looking for Summer flowers.



Learning bug names, drawing and painting pictures of bugs.

Exploring the natural world - going on bug hunts and observing bugs.

Reading books and using the Internet to find about bugs.

History and the ‘old days’

What is history and the old days?

Find out what is the same and different about now and the past.

Learn about important people from the past.


Cultures around the world

Learn about where we all live and what is the same and different in other countries.

Recognise that we may have different beliefs and cultures and learn about them.

Look at the different foods, art and ways of living.


We are artists!

Make, create and develop our artistic skills.

Use and explore different materials, tools and techniques, to create our own art work.


Our Maths for the rest of the Summer Terms will be

Grouping and sharing

Shape and pattern

Numbers within 20

Doubling and halving

Addition and subtraction within 20



Our Read, Write Inc will be

Set 1 sounds – learning, practicing and applying when we read, spell single words and write sentences.

Set 2 sounds - learning, practicing and applying when we read, spell single words and write sentences.                                                                                                                                                                        

We learn through play in the Early Years and we do this by allowing the children to lead their own learning through activities in and out of the classroom. You will be able to see what your child gets up to through your child’s online journal on Tapestry. If you have not already done so please send in your details to us so we can set up your account. 

We will send home reading books and a reading record book in your child’s book bag. This is your chance to share books at home from our reading scheme and we would like you to carry on writing in the record book so we can see the progress they are making with you. We will write in these too.

We are teaching sounds to your children, and following a scheme called Read, Write Inc. Each day we introduce a new sound. To help reinforce and practice each sound we send home a sheet of paper with the same letter we have introduced for you to do at home with your child. It would be really great if you could complete these with your child. Click on the video link below for extra help with letters and sounds.


We also teach Maths using a scheme called Maths Mastery. Each week we teach a different topic of mathematics and we also will be sending home a sheet to match that topic for you to do at home with your child.

In the Early Years at Westborough our Nursery and Year 0/Reception classes work together.

Each child has their own class base and adults, where they will arrive and go home from and have class times such as Read, Write, Inc, Maths Mastery teaching, story time and sharing news times.

The rest of the day the children have access to all the learning areas that have been set up across all four class bases and all three gardens. This is known as ‘continuous provision’ which means the children can access the classrooms and gardens to lead their own learning. The teachers and teaching assistants observe and work alongside the children to enhance their learning, help develop their skills and encourage them to apply the skills we teach them into their play. We encourage all the children to access all the areas to give them confidence to develop to their full potential at school.

Please ensure your child has all their uniform, coats, P.E. kit and bags labelled clearly. Thank you


School lunch 

All children in Year 0 are entitled to a free school meal.

The menu is designed and cooked by our experienced catering staff from fresh every day. The menu runs on a 3 week timetable and can be found on the link above. Every child is entitled to lunch and it is a good social and learning experience for the children as well as saving you making a packed lunch every day!

The Early Years staff have lunch with the children to encourage tasting and eating a variety of foods and good table manners.


Please come and ask any member of the Early Years staff anything you are unsure of. Every morning there is a member of staff at the gate that you can speak to. If it is something more detailed you can make an appointment to see the teacher after school.