Welcome to class 5D

Your class teacher is

Mrs Dunne

Teaching Assistants in year 5 are

Louisa Wright and Louise Grenham

Year 5's Learning Support Assistant is

Mandy Bennett

We have P.E. on

Mondays and Tuesdays

so please make sure you have

a P.E. kit in school.

Welcome back!

The children have returned to school looking smart and ready for the year ahead. We have a whole school topic of ‘Beside the Sea’ so I’m looking forward to seeing lots of exciting work from the children around this theme!


PE days are Monday and Tuesday

Thank you to those parents/carers who have provided their children with the correct PE kit already.  Please ensure your child has the correct kit, including clothes for colder weather!


Your child will be given spellings from the Year 3/4 spelling list, Year 5/6 spelling list (these are also in the children’s reading records) or individual spellings to help with their writing.

Please encourage your children to learn these spellings, their meanings and use them in sentences.

The children will be tested weekly on their spellings. 


Please encourage your children to read every day.  They should be writing brief comments about what they have read.  Please write a comment if you hear your child read.


Reasoning with large whole integers

  • Read, write, order and compare numbers up to one million
  • Round numbers within one million to the nearest multiple of powers of ten
  • Read Roman numerals up to M
  • Use rounding to estimate 

Integer addition and subtraction 

  • Use a range of mental calculation strategies to add and subtract integers
  • Illustrate and explain the written method of column addition and subtraction
  • Select efficient calculation strategies 

Line graphs and timetables

  • Complete, read and interpret data presented in line graphs
  • Read and interpret timetables including calculating intervals 

Multiplication and division 

  • Identify multiples and factors
  • Investigate prime numbers
  • Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 (integers)
  • Derived facts
  • Illustrate and explain formal multiplication and division strategies such as short and long
  • Use a range of mental calculation strategies 

Perimeter and area

  • Investigate area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes
  • Estimate area of non rectilinear shapes

Times Table Rockstars

All children have a TTR account and have the opportunity to ‘play’ at school.  TTR can be accessed at home on tablets etc., Please encourage your children to practise their times tables regularly. 


Writing will be taught through the theme of Beside the Sea using the texts: ‘Flotsam’, ‘A Gift From Winklesea’, ‘The Tempest’, ‘The Odyssey’, ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ and ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’

The children will be learning:

  • Character and setting descriptions
  • Paragraphs
  • Poetry
  • Story writing
  • Instructional writing
  • Non chronological report writing
  • Descriptive account
  • Argument report

Spelling, grammar and punctuation will be taught alongside these areas of writing


Develop scientific enquiry through:

Properties and changes of materials.

Solids liquids and gases.

Uses of materials.

Mixing materials.


Separating materials, sieving, dissolved materials and filtering.

Reversible and irreversible changes.


Year 5 Homework Expectations  -


The children will be given weekly maths homework…more information to follow…

English homework will be reading, spellings as well as weekly reading comprehension.

Please encourage your children to complete their homework as it is planned to help them with work carried out in lessons.

If you have any questions I am available every morning, outside the classroom, 8:20-8:30

and in the afternoons Monday-Thursday 3:10-3:20 Fridays 1:35-1:45