Welcome to class 4B

Your class teacher is 

Mrs Briant 


Our Teaching Assistant is Megan Lynch

and we have extra help from our Learning Support Assistant 

John Moore.


We have P.E. on

Wednesday and Thursday

so please make sure you have

the correct school  P.E. kit in school.

Welcome to 4B  

This is our Class Motto:  T.E.A.M. - Together  Everyone  Achieves  More.

Our 2nd Half Term was a busy one.

Our model vehicles were tested to near destruction, we now know how much water a Night time Pampers Nappy holds!!

We have looked at crazy inventions that actually work.


Thank you so much for all the lovely Inventions Homework, I loved the bedroom designs and family interviews.

The Spellings are progressing well, keep up the hard work and keep Reading.

( X Tables are getting quicker too.) 


Our Spring 1 TOPIC is : Our Amazing World, where we learn about the structure of  Planet Earth, Explorers, map skills

along with work on Countries, languages and cultures.

Your Topic Homework for the 1st

part of the Spring term is... 

 Each week we would like you to bring in one piece of   Homework from the list below:

  1. Research a plant or animal discovered by Charles Darwin ( type or write )
  2. Make a treasure map using co-ordinates and clues
  3. In your own words... Research and write about a real animal that fascinates you.The habitat,diet,country it lives in and 3 amazing facts.
  4. Draw from observation, a detailed grey pencil drawing of a plant, and label it, write its name in English and Latin.
  5. Imagine you are an explorer on a ship.Write a letter to a family member about what you have seen, how you feel,How's the food, what do you miss at home..etc...

    To be brought into school on MONDAY MORNINGS ONLY


Spellings are checked every Friday.

Your child will bring home their Spelling book on a Monday. Please help them to learn them by writing them out on paper in coloured pens , funny sentences, typing them quickly on the computer... which ever way helps them to remember them.

I will check them over the weekend and give them either those to relearn, or new ones.

These spellings will be individual to them enabling them to develop their writing skills. 

You are all trying really hard with your Spellings-

Keep it up! 



By the end of Year Four we need to know all of them, divides as well as multiplying.

 Please remember that TTR can be downloaded as an app on your phones for free and then the children can use their logins on these as well as laptops.