The Westborough School

Welcome to Class 4B

Your class teacher is 

Mrs Briant 

supported by

Amy Hebden T.A.

and John Moore our LSA.

NOTE: PE Days:

 Tuesday and Thursday

( Please send them to school IN PE kit which they will wear

all day.)

Wednesday: Outdoor Learning/ Gardening

 Warm Coats,hats & boots if wet please.

Remember to bring in snack and water bottle for breaktime.

Please send the children with coats for lunch and break times.

 Thank you.

This is our Class Motto:  T.E.A.M.  - Together Everyone Achieves More.

What a great Script writing and Puppet performances over the last half Term!

Well done!             Check on Tapestry to see performances! 


With the warmer weather now: - on a WEDNESDAY while half the class do             Outdoor Learning the other half will be working to claim back the Maze Garden! -       so... we all need either Wellies or old shoes to bring in EVERY Wednesday and a coat if the weather is cold!

Keep a check on Tapestry - Some of our work will be there for you to see weekly


Dear Parents,

Welcome back to your child’s last half term in year 4… what a year!  The children have settled back to school life and have made some good progress. However, we do need to make this half term count…

This Summer 2  half term we will be teaching:

English: through a book called ‘Shackleton’s Journey’. Shackleton was an adventurer who was part of a team who tried to reach the South Pole in the early 1900’s. We will be looking at Diary entries and writing letters. Please ensure that your child can recite their address. It is an important part of a child’s understanding of their place in the world, and essential for letter writing.

 Maths: we will still be practicing our times tables, multiplying and dividing, working with fractions/ Decimals. Symmetry and rotation of shapes will also be included along with using the 4 operations across a range of problem solving.

Science: we will be ‘Keeping Warm’, learning all about thermal insulation and relating this to the type of clothing Shackleton and his adventurers would have worn.

 French : we will be learning ‘historical’ language and the names of other countries and their capitals, in French.

 Also Norse and Anglo Saxon languages.

 Music: we will be looking at early instruments made from natural materials, used in the Viking period.

 In R.E. we will be looking at Journeys of Faith through the Arts related to our Geography and History theme.

 History, Geography and Art: learning about Anglo Saxons and Viking through a topic called ‘Savage Settlers’.

As part of the ‘Savage Settlers’ topic we would like the children in year 4 to start extra topic work this half term.

We would like your child to fit in a piece of work, to hand in each Monday.

You can choose the order in which you do them.

  1. Draw an Anglo Saxon and write labels to point out their clothes and weapons.
  2. Write a letter to describe to your friend in Norway, what life is like in England.
  3. Build your own Viking longboat out of recycled rubbish.
  4. Make up a secret message using mini Viking emblems as code.
  5. Produce an ancient map showing routes that Vikings would have taken by sea from their homes from Europe to Essex.


As always, we do expect the children to be reading, practicing their spellings on ‘Spelling Shed’ and practicing times tables on ‘T. T. Rock Stars’ regularly.  


Please send the reading book and record book in EVERY day, even if they haven't had time to read.

Great reading is happening and the children are keen to show that someone has heard them at home - they have their new ZPD levels on the front of their reading record and quizzing is going well.

Look at the Year 3/4 Common exception words LINK below and see how many new ones you can spell.

Thank you.



 Please use Spelling Shed !


Accelerated Reader - to Quiz at home!


 Key ones to learn: - x3, x4,x6,x7 x8, x9, x12

By the end of Year Four we need to know all of them, dividing as well as multiplying please!

 Please remember that TTR can be downloaded as an app on your phones for free and then the children can use their logins on these as well as laptops.