The Westborough School

Welcome to class 3DS

Your class teachers are

Mrs Davies and Mr Siziba

We also have extra help in year 3 from our Teaching Assistant

Jo Canty 

and from our Learning Support Assistant

Kylie Sparks.

We have PE on Thursday and Friday

Your child must wear their PE kit to school on this day, as they are unable to change in class or the changing rooms. 

They are able to wear joggers, leggings or tights under their shorts on PE days, just in case the weather is not good. If they wear their jumper as usual they will be warm enough. 

Welcome back to the new half term? We are looking forward to another exciting half term with the children!

We will be looking back to the future - a history backed topic.  More information soon.

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Dear Parents,

This half-term our topic is 'Back to the Future' and below you will find information about what we will be learning.

Year 3 Fashion ‘Back to the Future.’

In literacy we will be learning-

To build vocabulary

To justify and articulate answers, arguments and opinions

To read High Frequency Words Year 3 and 4 and begin to spell them

To use dictionaries to check the meaning of words

To discuss words and phrases that capture the reader’s imagination.

To draw on inferences using evidence 

To predict what might happen.

To use diagonal and horizontal strokes that are needed to join letters.

To increase the legibility and neatness of handwriting style.

To proof read work and improve and edit work

To read work aloud to a group or whole class.

In Numeracy we will be learning-

To find 10 or 100 more /less than a given number

To recognize the place value of each digit in a three- digit number. 

To compare and order numbers up to 1000

To identify, represent and estimate numbers.

To read and write numbers up to 1000 in numerals and words.

To solve number and practical problems.

To interpret and present data using bar charts, pictograms and tables.

To solve one step and two step questions.

To add and subtract numbers mentally.

To add and subtract using different written methods.

To estimate answers to calculations

To solve problems including missing number problems.

In Science we will be learning-

To identify the forces acting upon objects.

To investigate the effects of friction on different surfaces.

To sort magnetic and non- magnetic materials. 

To investigate strength of magnets and their poles.

To explain that magnets attract some materials. 

In DT we will be learning- 

To design, make and evaluate products.

To make and refine products.

To identify some great designers in order to generate own designs.

In Art we will be learning-

To demonstrate control in their application of tools and techniques.

To use techniques, colours, tools and effects to represent things seen, remembered or imagined. 

To select and arrange materials for a purpose

In History we will be learning-

To understand the concept of change over time. (Fashion)

To understand that the past can divided into different eras. (Fashion)

To begin to consider the causes and consequences of events and changes in history. (Bonfire night. Remembrance Sunday.)

To historical vocabulary to describe an era. (Fashion.)

In Geography we will be learning-

To locate the world’s countries on atlases, maps and globes.

In RE we will be learning-

To observe and consider different religions so that they can explore and show understanding of similarities and differences within and between different religions. 

To describe and make connections between different religions that they study. 

Discover more about celebrations and worship in different faiths. 

In PSCHE we will be learning-

To know how to manage risks and maintain physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

To know how to recognize and manage emotions in a range of relationships. 

To understand about respect for self and others and the importance of responsible behaviours and actions.

In Music we will be learning-

To understand that music can affect our moods and feelings.



       Kind regards,

             The Year 3 Team


Reading every night.

We will be introducing the children to Spelling Shed and Times Table Rock stars over the next week. They will be provided with logins to use at home and at school too. 

Learning at Home Project Information Sheets 

Was there an activity you really enjoyed last term, or some research you'd like to continue?  All the project information and activity sheets prepared for the lockdown are still available HERE.