The Westborough School

Welcome to Bluebell Class

Lead Nursery Practitioner is 

Miss Grimes


Miss Lane and Laura

will also be working with Bluebell Class.

We also have extra help for
lunch club from

Welcome to Bluebell Class at the Westborough Nursery. 

Our aim is to ensure that your child's experience will be happy and successful and that they enjoy their time with us.

We are impressed with how quickly the children have settled into the nursery routine in Bluebell class. They have experienced many new activities and are making new friendships with both adults and peers whilst exploring the environments provided.  

Please remember to check Tapestry weekly as letters are posted on there as well as on our Westborough Website, "Letters on Line" page and via School Gateway. This way you will find out what we are up to and be able to upload information and photos from home to support our topic of the week and anything else that you are proud to share with us e.g.  ".......can ride their bike!"  

Here is the list of dates for the colour of the week

As we can no longer accept items brought from home due to the COVID-19 Regulations we would be grateful if you could upload a photo of your child with a selection of items from around the house which match the colour of the week.   Thank you!

5th October – Red 

12th October – Yellow 

19th October – Pink 


26th October Half Term 


3rd November –Green 

9th November- Purple 

16th November – Orange 

23rd November – Blue 

30th November – Black and White