Welcome to Bluebell Class

Lead Nursery Practitioner is 

Miss Grimes


Miss Lane and Laura

will also be working with Bluebell Class.

We also have extra help for
lunch club from

Welcome to Bluebell Class

At Westborough the  Early Years/Foundation Stage children learn phonics through the "Read Write Inc" programme.  Each week we will be learning about a different sound. 


Please bring in an item starting with the sound of the week.


You will also have a work book for drawing and sticking in pictures that start with the sound of the week - one page per week.

Please drop off  and collect your children promptly. The gate opens at 9 am for drop off and collection is 12pm. Children settle much more quickly and begin their learning day positively when they arrive on time!  At the other end of the session, children who are picked up late do begin to get anxious.  Thank you!

Please remember we only use the Gainsborough entrance and Nursery is 9 am until 12 noon. We will also provide a breakfast club and lunch club, see below.

We would also like you to provide your child with a bag and a change of clothes.  Should they have an accident whilst toileting or during water play we will have something to change them into as we have a limited amount of spare clothes in the nursery.

Polite reminder to put your children’s name in their coats, bags, jumpers as this makes it a whole lot easier to return to the rightful owner.


Green week

Yellow Maths!   Such a lot to talk about!  weight  :  heavy  :  light :  heavier : lighter :  heaviest  : lightest  :  heavier than  :  lighter than  :   balance  :   number  :  counting   :  more than   :  fewer than  :   most   :  fewest  :  the same as  :  equal

We have finished our seaside display, learnt about life boats, light houses, different sea creatures, we shared the story of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch, The Sharing Shell and Barry the Fish with Fingers...  AND...  we really looked at all the orange things we could find. 

We are especially proud of our 'hedgehog maths'.  How many prickles?


Autumn Term 2019 - we are sharing, co-operating, explaining, experimenting, finding out, talking, listening, looking, sorting, measuring, helping, learning all the time!

In the Early Years at Westborough our Nursery and Year 0/Reception classes work together.

Each child has their own class base and adults, where they will arrive and go home from and have class times such as teaching, story time and sharing news times.

The rest of the day the children have access to all the learning areas that have been set up across all four class bases and all three gardens. This is known as ‘continuous provision’ which means the children can access the classrooms and gardens to lead their own learning. The teachers and teaching assistants observe and work alongside the children to enhance their learning, help develop their skills and encourage them to apply the skills we teach them into their play. We encourage all the children to access all the areas to give them confidence to develop to their full potential at school.

Please ensure your child has all their uniform, coats, P.E. kit and bags labelled clearly. Thank you

 Breakfast Club 

Jo runs 'Breakfast Club' each morning 8 - 9am. It is £3.50 a day and your child can enjoy cereal/toast and fruit with milk, juice or water. The children and the adults sit down and enjoy their breakfast then the children are encouraged to participate in play or creative activities.

Drop off times and prices...

8-9am drop off with breakfast £3.50

8.30-9am drop off with breakfast £2.00

8.30-9am drop off without breakfast £1.50

 Lunch Club 

Lunch club runs every day from 12-1.30. The fee for the club is £3.50 and a packed lunch must be provided for the child. Children are collected at 1.30 from the Main Office. The Early Years staff eat with the children to model good table manners and to encourage the children to explore a variety of foods.


Please feel free to approach any of the Early Years team members if you have any queries or questions. If it is something more detailed you can make an appointment to see someone after school.