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Autumn Term 2021 - Letters/texts/emails


22nd Seotember 2021 - email to Year 6 families - trip to the pier, details.

Dear Parents/Carers, 

We are delighted to be able to arrange our first school trip for the children in year 6! As part of our project on World War 2, we will be taking the children to the "Bravest Pier in the World", a schools-only event being run on Southend Pier on Thursday 23rd September. The children will be able to take part in a variety of activities which explore and unlock the secret history of the pier during WW2.

The children will need to bring a packed lunch or, if you require a meal in a bag from school, please reply to this email to request one. 

The children should wear school uniform and should be appropriately dressed for a walk to the pier (waterproof coat/jacket, comfortable shoes and/or suncream if the weather is fine). 

The trip will take place in school hours - we will be leaving at 9am and returning to school by 3pm. 

There will also be an opportunity for the children to contribute a memory to the memorial display on the pier.  This can be of an event of their choosing. 

To cover the cost of the trip we are asking for a contribution of £6 per child, which includes access to the pier and a return trip on the pier train. 

Please make your payment via the School Gateway app. 

The children are also welcome to bring spending money up to a maximum of £10. 

If you have any queries, please call the school office. 

Thank you.


16th September 2021 - email to Reception families, Baseline Assessment 

Reception, Baseline and Framework


14th September 2021 - email to years 1,2 and 3 families 

Dear Parent/Carer,  Please find attached an overview of the learning for Year 2/3 for this half-term. 
I would also like to remind you that you can find information about what your children are learning on the website at . There is lots of information on the website regarding the school including letters and emails that have been sent out previously. 
If you have any queries regarding your child's learning or anything else, please ask a member of staff or phone the front office. We will get back to you as soon as we can and are more than happy to help you.  
Kind regards,  Miss Brook


2nd September 2021 - letter to Reception Class families - arrangements for the first weeks.

2021-09-02 - information for reception class families


2nd September 2021 - message for all families.  PE days.

Dear Parents/Carers
PE days for the children are as follows below.
Please note that PE lessons will start again from Monday 6th September for Years 1-6 there will be no lessons this week so school uniform is to be worn. Reception parents you will receive further information tomorrow.
Please continue to send your child to school wearing their PE kit on the day they are having PE.
Year 1, Year 2, 5C, 6KH, 6S
Year 2 & Year 5
Year 4 & Year 3, Sunflower, 6S & 6KH
Year 3, Year 4, Daisy & 5P
Year 1

Summer Term 2021 - Letters/texts/emails


24th August 2021 - letter to all families 

Arrangements for September 2021

20th August 2021 - email to all families 

Dear Parents and Carers,
I hope you and the children have had a relaxing Summer. 
I just wanted to let you all know that a letter regarding updates for the new academic year will be coming next week. A few of you have been asking but I didn't want to send anything out until I had the updated Government guidance.  This has now arrived. 
I look forward to seeing you all again in the next few weeks. Enjoy the rest of the break. 
Miss Brook

14th July 2021 - email to all families 

Dear Parents/Carers

Just a reminder that we break up for the summer holiday on Tuesday 20th July, at 1.30pm.

Return to school is Thursday 2nd September.

Thank you.


10th July 2021 - email to all families - IT'S COMING HOME!  

Dear Parent/Carer,  

England last got through to a final in  football in 1966. That's 55 years ago!  Westborough always encourages the children to support national events whatever they are. I am sure many of you will be watching the match tomorrow night.

We are a little worried, as the kick-off isn't until 8pm , we may have lots of children who are quite tired on Monday morning and as we know tired children can be grumpy children! This also applies to adults!

If your child is a little late to bed on Sunday night and tired on Monday morning rather than not bring them into school, we would prefer that you bring them in when they are awake rather than not at all. As you all know attendance matters even during this potential momentous history making time.

We will open the gates at 8.20am as usual. Latecomers will need to come to the front office.

Fingers crossed for England and hopefully it will be coming home!

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,  Miss Brook


16th June 2021 Email to all families - Hares about town.   Dear Parents/Carers,   

We are very excited to be part of the Havens Hospices "Hares About Town Challenge" art trail, which is taking place all around Southend from July 1st to September 12th.
There will be 30 super-sized hare and 50 leveret sculptures on display, each with their own unique design, popping up all over town!
Havens Hospices have organised lots of fun fundraising events throughout the 10-week exhibition, with all money raised going towards the vital support and services they provide to families suffering illness and bereavement in Southend.
As a school, we have a beautiful blue Hare in the exhibition, decorated by our very own Mrs Dooley with the fabulous artwork that our 2020  pupils created in class, and dedicated to our much-loved and much-missed Ms Heley.
Make sure you get out there and find our Hare!
We will also be taking part in the fundraising "Bad Hare" day for Havens Hospices on July 2nd.
On that day, the children can come to school with a crazy or bad hairstyle or just wear non-uniform.
We are asking for a £1 donation from all children taking part.

You can find out more about fundraising at

Thank you.


11th June 2021 - Newsletter


14th May 2021 - Newsletter


7th May 2021 - Newsletter


30th April 2021 - Newsletter


29th April 2021 - Letter to all familes - reminder, Captain Tom's 100 Challenge

Dear Parent/Carer,

As a school we will be taking part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge to raise money for our school charity KOFUP - KENYA ORPHANS FUND & UGANDA PROJECT. Each class will carry out a challenge on Friday 30th April based around 100 eg. do a 100 star jumps, write a story using 100 words, bounce a ball 100 times etc. We are asking you to sponsor your child to take part, we are suggesting £1 but if you would like to sponsor them for more, that will be great. If other family members would like to sponsor your child, please collect their sponsorship money and jot down their names and put all donations in an envelope/small bag with the attached form. If you would like the form printed out please come to the front office to collect one.  During the pandemic charity. Donations globally have suffered, we really want to do our bit for charity and raise as much as we can for KOFUP. We will also be having a non-school uniform day on the same day for a £1 donation. 

Thank you for your generosity in advance. Kind regards,  

Miss Brook


Captain tom's 100 Challenge - form


23rd April 2021 - Newsletter 



23rd April 2021 - Letter to all families  - Captain Tom's 100 Challenge

Dear Parent/Carer,

As a school we will be taking part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge to raise money for our school charity KOFUP - KENYA ORPHANS FUND & UGANDA PROJECT. Each class will carry out a challenge on Friday 30th April based around 100 eg. do a 100 star jumps, write a story using 100 words, bounce a ball 100 times etc. We are asking you to sponsor your child to take part, we are suggesting £1 but if you would like to sponsor them for more, that will be great. If other family members would like to sponsor your child, please collect their sponsorship money and jot down their names and put all donations in an envelope/small bag with the form, link below. If you would like the form printed out please come to the front office to collect one.

During the pandemic charity donations globally have suffered, we really want to do our bit for charity and raise as much as we can for KOFUP.

We will also be having a non-school uniform day on the same day for a £1 donation. 

Thank you for your generosity in advance.

Kind regards, Miss Brook

Captain tom's 100 Challenge - form



21st April 2021 - Email to all families re: school photos deadline.   Dear Parents/Carers,  Please place your orders online where possible.  If you are not able to order online, the deadline for returning orders to school is Friday 23rd April.  If you are enclosing cash, please ensure you have the correct money - change cannot be given.  Thank you.



20th April 2021 - Email to all families re: school photos -  Dear Parents/Carers, Proofs of the individual photos of the children are being sent home tonight.  Please place your orders online - full instructions are included with the proofs.  If you are having difficulties placing an online order, please feel free to contact Gaby in the front office.  Thank you.  



16th April 2021 - Newsletter


15th April 2021 - letter to all families, link below, regarding Attendance

Letter about Attendance



12th April 2021 Email to all families - Dear Parent/Carer,  Please find attached a letter from the Director of Public Health for Southend.

Letter from the Director of Public Health for Southend



Spring Term 2021 - Letters/texts/emails


1st April 2021 - Newsletter


29th March 2021 - Email to all families - Dear Parents/Carers,  The latest newsletter from the Southend-based homeless charity, Harp, is attached.  It gives an update on recent activity during lockdown, as well as their plans for the future.


26th March 2021 - Newsletter


23rd March 2021 - Letter from the Director of Health for Education -   Dear Parent/Carer,  Please find below a link to the letter from the Director of Health for Education. 

Letter from the Director of Health for Education.


22nd March 2021 - Red Nose Day  Dear Parent/Carer/Children,    

Thank you for your kind donations on Red Nose Day. We raised a fantastic £417.78 for Comic Relief.   Thank you again.
Friday 19th March 2021 - Newsletter

17th March 2021 - Email to all families

Dear Parent/Carer,   I would like to inform you that one of our pupils was spoken to by an unknown male while walking to school this morning. The pupil dealt with the situation in a mature, sensible way. If your child walks to school by themselves, please discuss what to do if approached by a stranger. I will also be talking to all of the children in our next assembly about speaking to strangers. 
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 
Kind regards,    Miss Brook  

12th March 2021 - Newsletter


8th March 2021-Pupil view presentations from Southend EPS

We are really pleased to share with you some initial themes that have come from the pupil views survey conducted by the Southend EPS in Nov-Dec 2020. 

The documents and video have been created to share directly with the children and young people – showing them what they told us. There are pdfs attached and links to google presentations below, so you can share the information in a range of ways.  

They have included the primary and secondary results as it was thought the primary ages pupils might be interested in what the secondary/college students said and vice versa. 

Primary Google presentation link

Secondary / College presentation link

What you told us… video link 

Also included is a padlet which contains links to these and further resources. 

The padlet and resources webpage are updated regularly, so please keep checking for new information. 

Thank you.

What you told us-Return to School or College - Google Slides_1

What you told us-Return to School or College - Google Slides_2


8th March 2021 - Email for all families from Miss Brook 

Dear Parent/Carer,  I would like to thank you for sending your children back to school today. We have had a really positive day and the children have really enjoyed being with their friends, teachers and support staff. 
It was lovely to have the buzz back in school again with all of the children here. The children remembered their manners and settled back in to the school routines very quickly.
I would just like to remind you that when you are around the school gates that you wear a mask and keep your distance from other families. I know that a number of you were very keen to see your children at the end of the day but it has been reported to me that some parents forgot this. Please be mindful of those around you. If you are in an area where it is difficult to social distance, please try not to get into other people's space. Thank you in advance. 
If you have a question or would like to discuss something with a member of staff, do not hesitate to contact the front office and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 
Kind regards,  Miss Brook


3rd March 2021 - Email for all families from Miss Brook

Dear Parent/Carer, A number of parents have asked if we are having a World Book Day dressing up day tomorrow, due to Covid we know this will be difficult for some of you particularly sourcing a costume. However, if your child already has a costume at home from previous years, they are free to wear these online or to school if they are attending. 

At Friday's assembly the children can wear their costume or hold up their favourite book as part of the assembly. There is no obligation for anyone to wear a costume or go out and buy anything.
When we fully return to school we will be taking part in Red Nose Day. 
Kind regards,  Miss Brook


23rd February 2021 - email for all families -= School Term Dates    

Dear Parents/Carers;

Please find attached the term dates for 2021/2022. Thank you.     School Term Dates


12th February 2021 - Letter to parents from Miss Brook


12th February 2021 - Letter to children from Miss Brook


10th February 2021 - email for all families - Half Term Holiday

Dear Parents/Carers,  Please don't forget that school will be shut for half-term from Monday 15th-Friday 19th February. This includes for any key worker/vulnerable children who have been attending. Thank you.


3rd February 2021 - Email for all families re: Paul's - School Uniform Shop

Dear Parents,
We have received the following update from Pauls in Southend:
Hi Folks,
We are now open for Click & Collect and counter service.
Please remember the following :
> 1 customer at a time
> Face covering MUST be worn for collections and service (yes, even when you're outside)
> 20% Off all orders is ONLY available online.
School uniform, Face Protection, Work Clothing including scrubs & tunics ALL with 20% Off using the coupon code WASHYOURSHANDS
(no minimum purchase required!)
Kind Regards & Stay Safe 
Mike Binder
Pauls School & Work Wear, Embroidery & Printing.

27th January 2021 - Email for all families

Dear Parent/Carer,  A local company who offer French tuition has offered us some free tutorials to share with the children. Currently there are three on the website, each week a new one is added. There are also games to play related to the tutorial. Here is the link: .  Merci Beaucoup! 

23rd January 2021 - Email for all families - Dear Parent/Carer, A local company who provide language tuition for local schools is offering a weekly tutorial video with accompanying games. If you click on the link below you will find the first two week's tutorials.  Each week a new video will be added concentrating on a different topic. 

We hope the children enjoy them. Have a lovely weekend.


26th January 2021 - Letter to all families from Miss Brook - Remote Learning


19th January 2021- Email for all families

Dear Parent/Carer, 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the effort you are making to ensure that your children are accessing our remote learning. It has been lovely seeing that the majority of the children are managing to join the Teams meetings. 
As a staff we are making weekly calls to check in and identify if you need any resources etc. these calls are valuable for us to support you and for you to let us know how things are going. If we do not have contact with your child/children at some point over the week either through seeing them on screen during a Teams meet or to speak to them on the phone,  a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will try to contact you. As a school we have an obligation to ensure that all children are safe and accessing the remote learning. If a member of SLT cannot make contact, we will carry out a welfare check which involves coming to visit you at your house and asking to see the children. This is part of our safeguarding measures. 
I would also like to thank you all for sharing your children's work on Tapestry and through the class email. There has been some really impressive work shared so far. Again, there is an expectation that we see evidence of your children's work each week. We do not need to see every piece of work they complete but a couple of  pieces across the week is a minimum. This helps us to see how the children are doing and for the teachers to give the children praise and feedback for their work. You can take a photo of the work, save it as pdf or as a word document, there is no particular format it has to be in. This can be submitted to a class email or posted on Tapestry. Staff have access to both of these and will get back to you as soon as they can. Please be mindful that they are teaching both children in school and at home so might not get back to you immediately.
Finally, I would like to say that we are here to help. If you need support with anything get in contact and we will do everything we can to help. 
Thank you for your continued support. 
Kind regards, 
Miss Brook


18th January 2021 - Email for all families

Dear Parents/Carers,  Please find attached a template for a jigsaw puzzle piece. This would be a lovely activity for the school to take part in. Could I ask that you also send us copies of the jigsaw piece? It would be lovely to make a display of them in the school for when we all get back together. You can send a photo of the jigsaw piece to us. Thanks in advance. Jigsaw template 


15th January 2021 - Newsletter - Message from Miss Brook


6th January 2021 - letter to Year 4 families - remote learning info.


4th January 2021 - EMAILS FOR ALL FAMILIES



31st December - information about the beginning of term from Miss Brook.

Autumn Term 2020 - Text/Emails  

30th December 2020 - Message to all parents - school closure -  

Dear Parent/Carer,  

It is now clear that Southend-on-Sea is on the priority list for closure. This means that the majority of children will not return to school next week.  
As I have only just found this information out myself, I will now need to plan moving forward. If you are a key worker, I would ask you to be patient regarding this matter, as we may have to delay the return for key worker children until Tuesday 5th January to give me time to disseminate plans to staff. 
As always, I will keep you updated regarding this matter. 
Kind regards,  Miss Brook

20th December 2020 - Advice to all parents - Positive Case - please see the attached information from Miss Brook.


17th December 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parents, Please find attached an update from the Director of Health.
Update from Southend Director of Health


14th December 2020 - Email to all families from Miss Brook - Dear Parent/Carer,  

I just wanted to write to you to inform you of a few things that have changed over the last few days regarding Covid-19.

I wrote to you all on Friday with information regarding Track and Trace and the procedures for this. I also sent you a letter from the Director of Health for Southend. Since you received these letters the government's advice on self-isolating has changed. As of today, the period of self-isolation following: awaiting test results; a positive test or coming in contact with a positive case has been reduced from 14 days to 10 days. If your child is self-isolating and you are unsure how this affects them, please contact the school.

You may have also seen on the news that Southend will be placed into Tier 3.  This does not affect schools at all, in the sense that we still remain open in Tier 3. We will obviously keep you posted on any changes.

In the next few days your child will be coming home with some English and Maths workbooks. These workbooks have been purchased for an number of reasons. One being to supplement homework and another being instant work to do if they have to self-isolate or a bubble closes or if the school was to close for any reason. Your child can work through the workbooks at their own leisure. There are answers at the back of the books that you may wish to cut out and give back for your child to self mark. These books will remain at home until completed. Some children might bring home a book which is not for their Yearband, this is to consolidate some of the learning they may have missed during lockdown and act as revision of skills that have been covered this term to compensate.

I will write to you all again before the end of term.  Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,  Miss Brook


13th December 2020 - Email to all families - update regarding letter from Southend Director of Health - Dear parents/carers, Here's some clarification from the Director of Education Southend regarding the letter I sent on Friday. It refers to the mass testing  now taking place in Southend: 
What has become apparent subsequently is questions regarding should the person self-isolate or can they return to work/school. We have now had confirmation and clarity from PHE. 
At the time of testing, if the person is showing symptoms of infection, then they MUST self-isolate until the formal confirmation outcome of the test is known. 
If it is negative, they can return to work (or school if a pupil), if it is positive then they would be required to self-isolate in the normal way.
If at the time of testing they are not showing symptoms of infection, they do NOT need to self-isolate whilst they await their test results, they can return to work (school) immediately.

Hopefully this clears this up.  Kind regards,   Miss Brook


12th December 2020 - Email to all families - Dinners next week.  Next week Reception, Year 2 and Year 6 are hot meals and Year 1, 3, 4 and 5 are Meal-in-a-bag.


11th December 2020 - Letter to all families from Southend Director of Health - attached.   Southend-on-Sea Director of Health 


9th December 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parents/Carers, Just a reminder that the children can wear Christmas jumpers/party clothes on the day that they are having their Christmas lunch. All children will be served a Christmas lunch, unless you have notified the school that they will be having a packed lunch from home instead.  All payments for the Christmas lunch are taken via Gateway.Please note that all school news is posted on the school website, if you are ever unsure or need to check anything.  Thank you.


9th December 2020 - Dear Parents/Carers, A big thank you to everyone who has already donated toiletries to the Southend Care Bank. We still have a collection box in front office, or you can give donations to your child to take into class. Donations of any of the following would be greatly appreciated: Shampoo and conditioner, Shower gel, Face wash, Toothbrushes and toothpaste (including children’s), Deodorant, Sanitary towels and tampons, Nappies and Baby wipes, Breastpads, Maternity pads, Laundry detergent, Hand soap Thank you.


3rd December 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parents/Carers, Don't forget that the children will be having Christmas lunch next week, on the following days:


Mon 7th Dec – Reception

Tues 8th Dec – Year 5

Weds 9th Dec – Years 1&4

Thurs 10th Dec – Years 2&3

Fri 11th Dec – Year 6

Lunch costs £3.00 and payment can only be made via Gateway - please make sure you fill in the comments box to allow you to make the payment. If your child doesn't want Christmas lunch, please let Gaby in front office know. Please also let Gaby know if your child requires a vegan meal. The children are welcome to wear Christmas jumpers or any other party clothes they would like to wear. Thank you.

2nd December 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parents/Carers, LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) are offering local residents a completely FREE OF CHARGE service to help you to save money and keep your home warm and cosy.   HOW IT WORKS: If you are eligible, we will book you an appointment with one of our friendly, qualified advisers.  
LEAP can:
Help check if you are on the cheapest energy tariffs - could save you over £280 a year. 
Install FREE, simple energy saving measures which can save the average household £30 on their energy bills a year. 
Give you day-to-day energy efficiency hints and tips and ensure your heating system is set up to keep you warm and save money.
Arrange a FREE telephone advice service to help with benefits, debt and other money problems.
Refer you for further energy efficiency improvements, such as loft insulation or a new boiler.

You may be eligible for the LEAP service if you:
• have a low income
• receive tax credits
• receive Housing Benefit
• receive an income or disability related benefit
• have a long term illness or disability

Call now on 0800 060 7567* (Freephone) to book your appointment, or apply online:


1st December 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parents/Carers, All Rise are a Southend-based community group who are collecting toiletries for any individuals or families currently in need.They will be operating the Community Care Bank on Tuesday mornings from 10:30-11:30am, fortnightly from Tuesday 8th December at St Marks Centre, Princes Street, Southend. The following items will be available to collect (depending on availability):

Shampoo and conditioner
Shower gel
Face wash
Toothbrushes and toothpaste (including children’s)
Sanitary towels and tampons
Nappies and Baby wipes
Maternity pads
Laundry detergent
Hand soap  
Please see the attached poster for full details.
We will also be collecting the above items for All Rise - please bring any donations you would like to donate to the front office where will will quarantine them. Thank you.

27th November 2020 - email to all families - Dear Parents/Carers, Please note that there will be a change to the hot dinner served on Weds 2nd December.  Instead of roast chicken, the children will have sausage toad in the hole (Halal and vegetarian alternatives available), creamy mashed potato and vegetable medley.  Thank you.


26th November 2020 - Email to all families - a message from Trust Links. - 

How your voice, time and text can help on #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is on the 1st December, and with charities facing an estimated £10bn funding gap, there's never been a more important time to give back. There are lots of ways to show your support to the charities across the country that have continued to provide essential services throughout the pandemic - including your local mental health and wellbeing charity, Trust Links!After the excesses of Black Friday, #GivingTuesday is your chance to give something back to your community.

Find out to donate either your money or your time to Trust Links here: Homepage - Trust Links

Thank you.  Every month in Southend, one person loses their life to suicide. One in four people will struggle with their mental health during their lifetimes. But with the help of our Friends, 
we can make lasting change in our community together. With your regular donation, you can support our vital work helping those with mental health difficulties in Southend, Castle Point and Rochford.


26th November 2020 - Email to all families Dear Parents/Carers, Christmas is coming ...

Please find attached a letter about Christmas lunch for the children this year, as well as the yummy menu. The letter will also be available on the school website. If you need a paper copy, please collect one from the front office. Thank you.

Christmas Lunch Menu

16th November 2020 - Email to all families Dear Parents/Carers, Mega Camps are excited to announce they will be running their Christmas Camp this December. Christmas Camps will be running on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th December for all children aged 4 - 14. 

They will once again be implementing a COVID safe environment in line with the government and Ofsted guidelines to give children, parents, and staff the best experience possible.  
Full details on the attached flyer, or you can visit their website at

11th November 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parents/Carers, Following on from the announcement in last week's news letter, please don't forget that the children will have a non-uniform day this Friday, 13th November. We are asking for a £1 donation per child and all money raised will go to Children in Need.  Staff will have collection buckets at the gates at drop-off and collection times on the day.  The children in Reception are having a Witches & Wizards spooky theme for their non-uniform day, in line with their current project.  Please don't forget to check the school newsletter for all the latest news and events at Westborough.

The newsletter is also available on the school website ( or you can collect a copy from front office.

Thank you.


4th November 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parent/Carer, After a query received today, I would just like to clarify: 

Due to GDPR (Data Protection) we would only inform you of positive cases of Covid-19, if they had a direct impact on staff, you or your child. This is in line with government guidelines and track and trace procedures.  Kind regards,   Miss Brook

4th November 2020 - Email to Year 3 families Dear Parents/Carers, As part of our new topic, "Back to the Future", year 3 are going to be focusing on fashion from the past, present and future. We will be holding a fashion show next Monday, 9th November, and it would be lovely if the children could come to school dressed in an outfit of their choice. It could be a historical outfit, a futuristic outfit or just their favourite outfit. We hope to take some lovely photos to put on Tapestry for you all to enjoy. Thank you for your continued support. Year 3 Team


3rd November 2020 - Email to all families  Dear Parents/Carers,  The deadline for returning the Flu Immunisation Consent Form is Tuesday 10th November
The Immunisation Team are asking that, where possible, you complete the form online (copies below again). 
If you are having problems completing the form online, please collect a copy from front office. Thank you.

Westborough electronic consent invitation letter

PDF Immunisation consent Letter


3rd November 2020 - Email to all families from Southend BC. Dear Parents/Carers, Please find below a consultation letter from Southend Borough Council regarding the below proposed changes to local schools:

  • reduce the admission limit for Chalkwell Hall Infant School
  • change the priority order for Heycroft Primary School
  • keep the current policies for Barons Court Primary School and Nursery, Chalkwell Hall Junior School, Earls Hall Primary School, Edwards Hall Primary School, Fairways Primary school, Leigh North Street and West Leigh Infant School

You can give your feedback using the contact details given in the letter. Thank you.

Consultation letter from Southend Borough Council

2nd November 2020 - Email to all families - back to school tomorrow!  Dear Parents/Carers, We're looking forward to seeing the children back at school tomorrow.

Just a couple of quick reminders: Drop-off is now between 8.20am-8.30am. 
Please ensure that you are wearing a mask when you drop-off/pick up your children. 
Please note that only one person at a time will be allowed in front office and, again, please ensure you are wearing a mask. 
Children in Group A will be having a hot school meal (week 1 on the menu), Group B will be having a meal in a bag.

See you tomorrow!


2nd November 2020 - Email to all families from South East Essex Immunisation Team - Dear Parent,   Your child’s annual flu vaccination is now due. We are introducing electronic consent forms this year to make it more convenient for parents to consent for their child’s vaccine.

Please find attached a letter containing the secure link to complete your child’s form. The letter also includes the link to additional information about the vaccine.

If you would prefer to complete a paper form please contact us on 01702 482830   Alternatively a small number of paper consent forms are available from your school office.

Yours sincerely. South East Essex Immunisation Team, Essex Partnership University Trust- Immunisation Service.

Westborough electronic consent invitation letter

PDF Immunisation consent Letter


20th October 2020 - Email to all families - BBC info   Dear Parents/Carers, The BBC has launched a great new parenting page with lots of tips and advice on helping your child develop and reach their potential - why not sit down with a cuppa and have a browse!


19th October 2020 - Email to all families - staff training.  Dear Parents/Carers, Please note that there is a staff training day on Monday 2nd November, following on straight after half-term. The means the children will be returning to school after half-term on Tuesday 3rd November. Thank you.


12th October 2020 - Email to yr 1-6 families - Half term Bikeability sessions   - 
Half term Bikeability sessions


29th September 2020 - Email to all families   Dear Parents/Carer, We will be holding a virtual Harvest Festival for the whole school on Thursday 8th October.  This year we are supporting the Southend Foodbank with their Puds, Peas campaign. The attached poster explains the campaign.   Normally, the children would bring contributions to the hall for the Harvest Festival table. This year we are asking the children to bring their donations into school next week and they can be quarantined in the classroom before Southend Foodbank collect them.   Thank you for helping us with this worthy cause.   Kind regards,  Miss Brook


25th September 2020 - Email to all families Dear Parents/Carers, Please find attached a flyer for Mega Camps during the half-term holiday. Thank you.


23rd September 2020 - Email to all families. Dear Parent/Carer, Please find a letter from Superintendent Moore of Essex Police. Kind regards, Miss Brook

Letter from Superintendent Moore


17th September 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parent/Carer,  Electronic Devices Survey.  Please find below a link to a survey we would like you to fill in.

Thank you for your support.


16th September 2020 - Email to all families -  Dear Parent/Carer,  Please find linked the term dates for this year. Thank you.

14th September 2020 - Email to all families - Dear Parent/Carer,  We are in for some hot weather this week so it's important that your child brings in their water bottle. If they drink all of it they will be able to refill it in their classroom. They can refill it as many times as they need. 

If your child forgets their water bottle, we will give them a drink, as we wouldn't want anyone to go thirsty. It is much easier if they have their own bottle to drink from.         Thank you.


14th September 2020 - Email to all families -   Dear Parent/Carer,   I was saddened to hear that some parents were  parking dangerously on Macdonald Avenue today after school . One was very rude to the parents who tried to explain this to them. Due to the limited parking on both Macdonald and Gainsborough we have asked that parents only drive their children to school in extreme circumstances. I have contacted the council to see if they have any wardens available to patrol the street at the end of the day and if they are able to come they will issue fines on the spot. 

Thank you to those of you who were brave enough to challenge this.  We will do everything we can as a school to stop this.If anyone is able to put the school children cones out along tMacdonald before and after school, we would be grateful for your help. 
Thanks for your support.  Miss Brook

11th September 2020 - Email to all families -  Dear Parents/Carers, Here we are at the end of our first full week back at school - phew - we made it!  Just a couple of reminders:

*   Pick-up today is at 1.30pm

*   The children should only bring the following items into school:

     Book bag

     Lunch bag

     Water bottle

The children should not be bringing in any other items from home, such as toys or swapping cards, in order to limit the potential spread of any infection. Thanks for your support, understanding and co-operation as we get to grips with the "new normal".


4th September 2020 - Email to all families re: PE Days and kit

3rd September 2020 - Email to all families re: great first day back

3rd September 2020 - Email to all families re:Pick Up info for Child Minders.

2nd September 2020 - Email to all families from Miss Brook.