The Local Governing Body

Children share their progress in writing with governors.


The Westborough School is part of Challenger Multi Academy Trust.

We have a a Local Governing Body, (LGB).

Question: What does a Local Governing Body do?                                  

Answer:   The LGB promotes the vision of the Trust and the school within the Trust,  including assisting the Headteacher cement the vision with all members of the school staff and maintain momentum on school improvement.

The LGB ensuresTrust Policies are implemented at Westborough and makes sure that teachers and support staff are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills.

The LGB works with the Headteacher in setting the curriculum, standards of conduct and values to be adopted at the school.

You can find out more about Challenger Multi Academy Trust HERE.


If you are interested in becoming a governor or would like to find out more, please contact the school via the 'Contact Us' link above.

Governors meet with the Senior Leadership Team and the School Improvement Partner
to discuss targets and the school development plan.

Members of the Local Governing Body of The Westborough School


Westborough became an Academy on 1st October 2010 and part of Challenger Multi Academy Trust on 1st July 2017. 


Some of our governors served on the governing body of the school before it became an Academy and they offer many years of experience.  Westborough is very lucky to have a governing body whose passion and loyalty has supported the school through many changes and ensured that its ethos and guiding principles remain strong.

Our governors serve for 4 years and may be re-elected for a further term of office.

Naim Butt  - Member of the local community and link with our neighbouring Mosque since 01.10.2010.  

Tonya Brook - Headteacher and governor since 26.05.2017.  

Alec Jose -  Governor since 01.10.2010 with legal background, current Chair of Governors, 

Margaret Pay - Governor since 01.10.2010 and member of the local community with school and local experience. 

Anne Griggs – Governor since 2011 with primary education teaching experience. Governor coordinating governor training and current Vice Chair of Governors.

Michael Hosking - Governor since 01.10.2010 with financial experience, has one child at the school.   Designated governor for Health & Safety.

Tricia North - Governor since 2011 with experience in further education teaching and special needs. Designated governor for Special Needs.

Mario Rodgers  - Governor since 2014 with primary education teaching and management experience, has one child at the school. Designated Governor for Looked After Children, Designated Governor for Child Protection


Penny Down - Clerk to the governors since 01.10.2010


Governance arrangements

The Annual Report and Financial Statements, Year Ended 31 August 2016

The Governors present their annual report together with the financial statements and auditors' report of the charitable company for the year ended 31 August 2016.  The annual report serves the purposes of both a trustees' report, and a directors' report under company law.

The Annual Report and Financial Statements, Year Ended 31 August 2016 


Minutes of meetings of the Local Governing Body of The Westborough School,
part of Challenger Multi Academy Trust, 2017-2018


Summer Term 2018

18.07-2018 - Local Governing Body    Minutes

23.05.2018 - Local Governing Body     Minutes


Spring Term 2018

11.04.2018 - Local Governing Body    Minutes

21.03.2018 - Local Governing Body    Minutes


Autumn Term 2017

13.12.2017 - Local Governing Body    Minutes

17.10.2017 - Local Governing Body    Minutes



Minutes of meetings of the Governing Body, 2016-2017 

Summer Term

11.07.2017     Full Governing Body    Minutes

28.06.2017     Chair GBCMAT CEO     Minutes


Spring Term

28.03.2017     Full Governing Body     Minutes

08.03.2017     Full Governing Body     Minutes

26.01.2017     Discipline Committee (Confidential)

24.01.2017     Full Governing Body, Extraordinary mtg.   Minutes


Autumn Term

13.09.2016     Full Governing Body     Minutes

18.10.2016     The Way Forward Committee    Minutes

15.11.2016     Resources Committee   Minutes

06.12.2016     Strategic Teaching and Learning Committee    Minutes

13.12.2016     Full Governing Body    Minutes