Swimming Schedule for 2018-2019


SWIMMING 2018-2019

8am – 9am daily

 We have changed the way we organise swimming lessons for the children this year.  

The children are being grouped by ability, within their year bands. 

Each swimming group is therefore made up of a mixture of children from the classes in each year band, depending on what level of swimming they have reached.   This is so every child achieves the required standard of swimming by the end of the year. 

Swimming letters are sent out to parents of the children in each group via Gateway.  Hard copies of the letters will also be sent home with the children.  If you receive a swimming letter via Gateway, or a text to say a letter has been sent, it means your child will be going swimming on the dates shown on that letter.  

The letters are ONLY sent to parents of children due to go swimming. The letters will also be available on the school website.  

Your child’s teacher will have a list of the swimming groups, so please check with them if you are unsure as to when your child is going swimming.  

We hope that by using this method every child will achieve and develop to the best of their individual ability.





Year 6

Mon 17th Sept - Fri 21st Sept OR Mon 24th - Fri 28th Sept

Year 6

Mon 1st Oct - Fri 5th Oct OR Mon 12th Nov – Fri 16th Nov


Mon 8th Oct - Fri 12th Oct  OR Mon 15th Oct - Fri 19th Oct


Mon 29th Oct - Fri 2nd Nov OR Mon 5th Nov - Fri 9th Nov

Year 2

Mon 19th Nov - Fri 23rd Nov OR Mon 26th Nov - Fri 30th Nov

Year 2

Mon 3rd Dec – Fri 7th Dec OR Mon 10th Dec – Fri 14th Dec

Year 3

Mon 7th Jan – Fri 11th Jan OR Mon 14th Jan – Fri 18th Jan

Year 3

Mon 21st Jan – Fri 25th Jan OR Mon 26th Jan – Fri 1st Feb

Year 4

Mon 4th Feb – Fri 8th Feb OR Mon 11th Feb – Fri 15th Feb

Year 4

Mon 25th Feb – Fri 1st Mar OR Mon 4th Mar – Fri 8th Mar

Year 4

Mon 11th Mar – Fri 15th Mar OR Mon 18th Mar – Fri 22nd Mar

Year 5

Mon 25th Mar – Fri 29th Mar OR Mon 1st April – Fri 5th April

Year 5

Tues 23rd April – Fri 26th April OR Mon 29th April – Fri 3rd May

Year 5

Tues 7th May – Fri 10th May OR Mon 13th May – Fri 17th May

OK Reception

Mon 20th May – Fri 24th May OR Mon 10th Jun – Fri 14th Jun

OS Reception

Mon 17th Jun – Fri 21st Jun OR Mon 24th Jun – Fri 28th Jun