Welcome to The Westborough School Survey Page. 


Thank you to all the parents who have participated in our Parent/families/carers survey.  We are very pleased to learn that your children feel safe and happy at school.  You have given us plenty to think about and it will inform our discussion over the next half term with the Senior Leadership Team and Governors.

In particular we note from your comments that communication between us is still a problem.  The new system introduced in September provides emails instead of letters home and texts for short or emergency messages as it was becoming obvious that paper letters didn’t always make it all the way home!  However you have advised us that you don’t always check your emails, so we will think again and try to improve the system.

You would also like more timely information about school trips etc.  Sometimes we are offered opportunities at short notice and we understand that this is difficult for working parents to organise.  The senior management team will discuss this and work with all the staff to give you as much notice as possible.

Homework is a concern for some of you who feel that it is not appropriate for the age of your children.  We will look into this.

We see that a large percentage, 36% of you, don’t know if the school deals effectively with bullying.  This may be because you do not know of any children who have experienced bullying in school, which is good, but we need to let you know how we work with children who have been bullied and children who are bullies.  Our school policy, Promoting Positive Behaviour and Attitudes, which includes a section on bullying, is available on the website and we will now consider producing and making available a shorter statement outlining the way the school deals with bullying.

Thank you once again for taking part in the survey and working with us, so that we can all strive to be the best we can be.


The results of the survey are in the document below.



UPDATE:    January 2017.  The senior leadership team have discussed the results of the recent survey and produced a report.  The report gives more information about the way Westborough works for your children and outlines steps that will be taken to address the concerns you have raised.  Read the report HERE.