School Meals 

All school meals and salads are made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

At Westborough meals adhere to national standards. As a school we owe it to the children to provide them with a level of nutrition that will promote future health and overall wellbeing.

As a school we also need to respect the right of parents to make decisions about food and diet.




 Congratulations Westborough Kitchen  

Following the most recent local authority hygiene inspections
our kitchen has been judged to be VERY GOOD,
rating the highest score of 5.


What do school meals cost?                

All Key Stage 1 children are now entitled to a free school meal.

The price of a school dinner for Key Stage 2 children is £2.30. You may be entitled to free school meals for your KS2 child or children. Scroll to the bottom of the page for further important information.


Breakfast Club

Cost per breakfast: £1.10  (Adult Breakfast - £1:50.)

Or pay on a Monday for the week for a reduced price of £5.00.


From 6th September 2018 

Breakfast Club will start at 7:15am.


Selection of cereals- Weetabix, cornflakes, shreddies/porridge

Fresh fruit/ ham or cheese


Selection of breads/rolls/pancakes

Selection of jams/spreads


Daily hot breakfast includes:

Baked beans, Hash Brown or Toast, boiled or scrambled egg




Cost per child: 1.10

Cost per adult: £1.50

Or, pay for your child’s breakfast on a Monday each week and pay a reduced rate of £5.00


The above selections are available every day in the kitchen servery 7.15am – 8.00 am


Tuck will now be available to buy every morning before school between 7.50am and 8.20am.

Cheese rolls – 30p, Flapjack – 30p, Popcorn – 20p

FREE fruit, milk and water are available to all children throughout the day.

EYFS tuck is arranged by EYFS staff and is payable weekly/termly at a cost of £1.50 per week.


MENUS FOR the summer term 2019 



Tuesday April 23rd

Week 2

Monday April 29th

Week 3

Tuesday May 7th

Week 1  New Menus Start

Monday May 13th

Week 2 See change below.

Monday May 20th

Week 3

Half term holiday

Monday June 10th

Week 1

Monday June 17th

Week 2

Monday June 24th

Week 3

Monday July 1st

Week 1

Monday July 8th

Week 2

Monday July 15th

Monday July 22nd


Week 3

Week 1


There will be a change to the school dinner menu on Thursday 16th May, when we will be having a   hot dog lunch!  

The menu will be:

Hot dogs (veggie & Halal options available)


Creamy coleslaw

Choc ice



FREE fruit, milk or water is available to all children throughout the day.

Did you know that you could save £350 a year if your child ate a FREE and healthy school meal every day? Just imagine what a difference that money could make.....


Are you eligible? Find out here...

Or ask in the school office.



You can download an application form here...  

 Download an application form.