Year 3 Performance - Back to the Future, Fashion Fantasy


Watch on full screen!   Well done year 3 - fabulous performance!

Year 3 have been working within the theme of Fashion - part of the International Primary Curriculum, so as well as their usual English, maths and science lessons they have been looking at all this..........

In Geography, we can find out...

  • What people wear in different countries
  • What the climate is like in different parts of the world
  • How the weather affects what people wear

In Science, we can find out...

  • How we can sort materials
  • How to carry out a scientific investigation
  • Which materials will keep us warm or dry

In Art, we can find out...

  • How to create our own tartan design
  • About symmetry in design
  • How to make repeat patterns 

In Technology, we can find out..

  • How wool is made
  • How to make a weaving on a cardboard ‘loom’
  • What felt is and how it is made
  • About different methods of fastening clothes

In History, we can find out..     

  • About clothes people wore in the past
  • About comparing clothes ‘then’ to ‘now’....   our performance tells it all!

In Society, we can find out..

  • About protective and reflective clothing

In International, we can find out..

  • About the clothes people wear for special occasions
  • How to design a school uniform