Welcome to class 4B

Your class teacher is 

Mrs Briant 

We also have extra help from John, Julie

and Mrs Puncher.


We have P.E. on


so please make sure you have

a school  P.E. kit in school.

This is our Class Motto:

T.E.A.M.    together , everyone achieves more.    (They really do!)

What a great half term!  Thank you all so much for the amount of high quality  Egyptian Homework,

it is hanging up in the Classroom and looking beautiful. Your support in helping the spellings to be

learned is much appreciated and has enabled the children to develop their writing in a deeper way.

In Science for our second half term we will be looking at Circuits and Electricity,

a great topic for the darker days.

Our next Topic in Year 4  - Paintings,pictures and photos

and we will be looking at images across cultures and different media choices

Your Topic Homework for this half term.

   Pictures,paintings and photos
  Choose one piece from the list below, each week,
  to be brought into school on MONDAY MORNINGS

1 Who were the impressionists? Show a timeline of the         most famous ones
2 Make a picture using the Pointillist technique!
3 Research a female artist, her style,media,country,subject
4 Cut up photos from a magazines into small pieces and         rearrange them into a collage in your own style.
5 Construct a sculpture of your choice and give it a name
6 Look up the word 'abstract' and create a picture,       drawing or painting in that style.

7. Cut out your favourite photo from a magazine and explain carefully why you chose it.


we are looking at

multiplication and division this half term.

 'Please remember that TTR can be downloaded as an app on your phones for free and then the children can use their logins on these as well as laptops.'