Welcome to class 4B

Your class teacher is 

Mrs Briant 

We also have extra help from John.


We have P.E. on


so please make sure you have

the correct school  P.E. kit in school.


Spelling are checked every Friday.

This is our Class Motto:

T.E.A.M.    together , everyone achieves more.    (We still are!)

We are now in our last Half Term of year 4! 

Once again, thank you all so much for the excellent Menu Homework-

your research and presentation makes stunning viewing,

the work is now hanging up in the Classroom and looking great.

(Remember each piece is worth 1merit mark!)

Your continued support in helping the spellings to be learned is much appreciated

and has enabled the children to develop their writing in a deeper way.

In Science for the last half of the Summer Term we are looking at Gases.

This will involve naming gases, looking at the composition of Air,

and maybe something to do with BUBBLES!!!

Our next Topic in Year 4  - Land,Sea and Sky!

Your Topic Homework for this half term.

 Land, Sea and Sky
  Choose one piece from the list below each week.

  1. Invent your own animal. Where does it live?  What does it eat? Is it another animal’s prey? Etc.  Please draw, label and colour your creature and give it a name.
  2. Design and/or make your own miniature garden.
  3. Find out about, and draw, the lifecycle of a frog, butterfly or plant, for example a sunflower.
  4. Write/draw a food chain from producer to predator.
  5. Make an observational painting, with facts, of a plant or animal.
  6. Choose a habitat and describe what might live there and what it might feed on. 
  7. Make up a song, rap or poem about photosynthesis.



    To be brought into school on MONDAY MORNINGS



especially x6, x7,x8 ,x9 and x12 

In Maths we are looking at Maths problems,

money and developing confidence in: addition,

subtraction and division tasks.this half term.


 'Please remember that TTR can be downloaded as an app on your phones for free and then the children

can use their logins on these as well as laptops.'