Welcome to class 2S

Your class teacher is

Mrs Stoneman

We also have extra help from

Tracy and Miss Berry.

We have P.E. on

Tuesday and Thursday

so please make sure you have

a P.E. kit in school.

Welcome everyone - we hope that you had lovely 2 weeks off and are ready to learn.
This half term in Literacy we will be learning to write recounts and instructions.
In Maths we will be getting busy with numbers to 1,000, measuring mass, exploring calculation strategies,
multiplication and division x3, x4.
In Science we will be learning about environment, recycling, plastics and the importance of looking after our planet.
Our  topic is "Hooray, we go on holiday"!
As usual, we expect the children to complete a project and we look forward to celebrating the children's success.
Miss Forbes, Mrs Jenkinson and Miss Stoneman.


A Project 

By the end of the "Hooray, we go on holiday" project the children will achieve their learning targets. We will be celebrating their success at the project assembly. Children are free to draw, paint, write or make something that is related to the topic.  


In Year 2 reading is a form of homework. We strongly encourage the children to read with their parents every day for at least 30 minutes. The children will be taking their reading level books home and they will be given a reading record to log their reading sessions at home. Every week the child who's read the most times will be named "The reader of the week" and will be given a prize. 


This is a program that gives points (dojos) to the children for doing something nice. It could be helping others, answering teacher's questions or completing their tasks quickly and correctly. Each week the dojos are counted and the winner will be named "The dojo of the week" and will be given a prize.


The children in Years 0, 1 and 2 are entitled to free school meals. We strongly encourage the children to have a hot school dinner, especially in winter months. A selection of fruits is provided in class on an everyday basis or they can bring a little snack to have at break times.  Menus are available at the School Meals quick link above.